You’ll love the experience of riding and interacting with your child with the revolutionary iBert front-mounted bike seat

Family bike rides are a great way to spend time together while enjoying fresh air and exercise. But what about children who are too young to bike along? With an iBert safe-T-seat, no one needs to miss the family bike rides anymore. The front-mounted iBert bike seat will put your child right in the middle of the fun while being safely settled behind the handlebars and between your arms. They can look around and be fully immersed in the experience and feel comfortable knowing that you are right there with them. This affordable bike seat opens a whole new world for family bike riding.

The iBert front-mounted bike seat puts safety first and comfort a close second with its innovative design. Our child’s bike seat provides a good center of gravity and allows you, the adult, complete control of the bicycle while little ones have a smooth ride on their padded seat and can join in the fun with their padded steering wheel. If family bike rides are an important part of your weekends and vacations, the iBert child’s bike seat will add a whole new dimension to your fun. Explore this site and get everything you need to get started sent quickly and easily to your front door.

What others are saying about the iBert child’s bike seat

It took me less than 5 minutes to install the T-bar on my bike.
Before purchasing this seat, I had to carefully do a deep research on the subject. I am a 6'2" guy, so, a was really concerned about having the seat hitting my knees. My neighbour has another model, which does not work at all for me, not even for him. He has to keep his legs kind of open in order to be able to ride the bike...terrible!
The seat mechanism is really simple. It's just a little T-bar that you will be in contact with the bike. The seat plugs itself on this bar. The seat keeps in a perfect position. Even my long legs do not touch it when riding. I can ride my bike just like I was riding before the new passenger.
I am very glad I never tried a rear seat. My son and I have a great time together on our rides, I can see him and gauge his reactions, and the bike handles great. Even with such a short stem, the iBert fits in perfectly. I highly recommend this seat.
Laura H.
I spent some time researching all the well known brands and seats available. The Safe-T-Seat was the only seat I found that ticked all the boxes. We are very happy with the seat knowing Matty is safe and comfortable sitting up front with me or Sue, the seat was easy to fit and doesn't get in the way of my legs. Massive thumbs up.
Andy B.
Brilliant! Easy, easy, easy - east to fit, easy to use, easy on the pocket! My little champ loves it...happy all round!
Matt S.
My son loves to ride in his ibert child bike seat. We go everywhere together!
It's the most pleasing purchase I've made in recent memory. The product is astoundingly simple and effective and the service from the iBert NZ guys was second to none.
My daughter stays in a very comfortable position. By the way, she loved the new activity, and keeps asking me all the time for "MORE" when she sees the bike.
The only thing I didn't like much about this product is that it only support kids up to about 18 kgs. Well, nothing in the world is totally perfect! So there is no time to lose, I will ride my bike with my daughter as much as I can before she reaches her 18 kgs.
My son loves to ride in his iBert child bike seat. We go everywhere together!
We absolutely love it and it’s so much better than the other styles on the market that we’ve tried. Thanks again for your efficient and friendly service.
I was surprised to find the bike still has a good centre of gravity, with great balance and maneuverability.
This is a great way to get the kids on the trails when they are young.
Thanks for sending the iBert, we love it! You should see the excitement on young Morris' face when we say we're going for a ride.